Icon of power containing the spirit of an ancient Eladrin princess


The person holding the head of Vyrellis gains the following benefits:

  • Property: +2 bonus to Arcana, History, and Religion checks and can make checks as if trained in those skills.
  • Property: You gain a +1 bonus to Will defense.
  • Power (Encounter): Move Action. You can teleport up to 7 squares.
  • Power (Daily): Standard Action. You are surrounded by a cyclone of biting cold wind. Creatures that begin their turn adjacent to you take 1d6 cold damage and are slowed until the start of their next turn.
  • Power (Daily ✦ Psychic): Standard Action. Close burst 3; +13 vs. Will; 2d6 + 3 psychic damage, and the target is dazed (save ends).

Vyrellis is a thing our heroes encountered in the Pyramid of Shadows upon first entering, and finding themselves in the chamber of the lost giant Gurrak Headtaker. Bound up with his severed heads was a shiny, smooth, opaque black sphere that spoke to the heroes, telling them she was, or had been, a woman named Vyrellis. She seemed to gravitate to the eladrin warlord Vakil Raesarus, and was disappointed after he was struck down by Moon Frenzy when bitten by Firenze.

Vyrellis has been promising the heroes that she knows many of the secrets of the pyramid and will reveal them if they collect the three pieces of her essence that were scattered throughout the temple:

*The Moonstone, which was retrieved from the chambers of Grarash, the marsh mystic
*The Garnet, which was retrieved from the Chapel of Celestia
*The Amethyst, which was bartered out of the hoard of the white dragon Frostdeath

These shards are keeping her bound to the pyramid and she can never leave without them. Also she asked if the heroes could reunite her with her body. When they encountered the body however, it was animated by dark necromantic powers and nearly killed them all. Karavakios appeared to them and laughed heinously – it had been a trap.

This orb of darkest obsidian easily fits in the palm of your hand. As you stare into its inky depths, the severed head of an eladrin princess floats into view and you hear her sing-song voice, “I am Vyrellis, and I offer my assistance to whoever carries this orb.”


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