Remus Pop

Dragonborn brigand leader in the Pyramid of Shadows


Remus Pop was a vile dragonborn cutthroat whose band of brigands were somehow sucked into the Pyramid of Shadows. As criminals do, Pop set about establishing his place in the extradimensional prison’s pecking order and claimed several semi-abandoned sections surrounding the accursed Chapel of Celestia as his gang’s turf. He attempted to mug the party and was ultimately slain in his lair while he was trying to figure out a cure for his lieutenant Firenze, infected with some sort of lycanthropic fever that turned him into a raging humanoid bear.

Pop’s glittering armor, Dwarven Chain Mail +3 was stripped from his corpse and donned by the eladrin paladin Vakil Raesarus. No doubt Pop had himself stripped it off the corpse of someone he had murdered.


Remus Pop

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