Blind ogre trapped for ages in the Pyramid of Shadows


Maulspike is an ogre who was trapped an unspecified long time ago in the Pyramid of Shadows, who met and embarked on a friendship and partnership with the medusa Jehara. They had both decided to be obsequious to the Far Realm worshiping denizens of the pyramid, believing they would be able to show the two of them the way out of the pyramid. So the two, unbidden, began guarding the Three Gates of Agony, where they were, hoping the worshipers would see their service and reward them with escape, for how many years they do not know.

When the two encountered our adventurers, the knight of the Raven Queen Sir Valis Frost convinced them of the existence of a pinhole portal to the Far Realm in another part of the Pyramid, and they both departed, leaving the gates to seek it out.



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