The Troll Hall Chronicles

Season 2, episode 2-06: Dragon Diplomacy

In which our adventurers fall into a trap laid by their nemesis, and must parley with a very large and menacing dragon in exchange for a few baubles and their lives.

Ice cave

Working with the rough sketch of a map they had received from the tainted Vine Speaker of the Verdant Ruin, Crannor, our adventurers defeated the harpies guarding the bridge and sallied forth, winding their way through the maze of the Pyramid of Shadows, to the chamber where the body of Vyrellis was supposedly being kept. They found it encased within a barrier of energy being emitted from four stone cairns on raised stone platforms in an otherwise vast and featureless room. The githzerai psion Kane Karrath reached out with his mind to probe the barrier and paid the price: being wracked and almost incapacitated by savage psychic fury. Several plans were mooted, but ultimately the revenant monk Aaram boldly shrugged off the chatter, ascended one of the platforms, and used her sheer physical strength to knock over one of the cairns, and the barrier instantly fell.

All was quiet as the adventurers warily crept closer to the dessicated husk that was the body of Vyrellis, and the black sphere that held her essence thrummed with anticipation in the hands of Aaram. As she approached almost within an arm’s length, the sphere was rudely yanked from her hands by a mystical force. It embedded itself in the midsection of the corpse, which immediately animated and began attacking the party while Vyrellis shrieked ceaselessly in anguish and rage at being so tricked by Karavakios. After a mighty battle in which both Moloch and Lady Ming were on the brink of death, Vicendak destroyed the husk with a terrible fire, freeing the orb of Vyrellis, which Vicendak scooped up.

Bypassing a room Crannor had marked on their map simply as “COLD”, the adventurers ascended the stairs of the pyramid to its next level. There they encountered myriad stone heads carved into the walls, with horrible, demonic visages. These snapped at the adventurers and complained of having had no creatures to eat in aeons. Knight of the Raven Queen, Sir Valis Frost, removed several hundred pounds of dried salted beef from his handy haversack and proceeded to feed all the heads with the gentleness of a frosty knightly zookeeper. In gratitude, one of the heads regurgitated a magical flaming sword for Valis that had been irritating its gullet for a long time.

From there, our adventurers traveled eastward (insofar as an extradimensional prison can at all be said to have compass directions) to the demesne of the white dragon Frostdeath. They were admitted to his lair by his eladrin lackeys, the Winterkind, where they bartered for their lives and for the final Soul Shard of Vyrellis. Lady Ming crept up stealthily to either attempt to steal the shard from the dragon’s hoard or to covertly launch an attack at close quarters, but Sir Valis Frost finally ended negotiations by agreeing to part with the ancient and powerful flaming sword that Frostdeath feared and wished to destroy.

Now with all three shards of her soul united, Vyrellis rejoiced and agreed to give her carrier Vicendak still more of her power.



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