The Troll Hall Chronicles

Season 2, episode 2-03: The Library of Whispers

In which our adventurers explore more of their prison, acquire a new ally, and get a little down in the dumps

GM’s note: As of this session, the role of Grognan has been replaced by Fin’gould, and the role of Kevin has been replaced by Vicendak, and Moloch joins us on a more permanent basis.
We find our adventurers still trapped in the Pyramid of Shadows, in the Chapel of Celestia, having just escaped from the room of infinite demons. The strains of battle proved too much for Vakil Raesarus, suffering from Moon Frenzy, and he became wild and animalistic. His sufferings were cured when the noble Sir Valis Frost introduced him to the room of infinite demons, where his diseased flesh was rent from his bones, while Valis claimed the head of Vyrellis from him. Vicendak interrogated the captive, terrified, quite urine-soaked Beaufort to divine the nature of the threat in the next room. Beaufort did not even attempt subterfuge – with Remus Pop slain, the backbone of the Pop gang had been broken, and the remaining members had little interest in being slaughtered to defend their tiny corner of the pyramid. To drive home the point, Valis Frost went back to sever the head of Remus Pop and carry it with him.

The half-orc duellist Fin’gould snuck forward, followed by Vicendak, to assay the positions of the thugs in the next chamber – they were poised on a barricade, facing away from the adventurers, and visibly perturbed by a recent flyby from the succubus Danneh. Between the thugs and the adventurers was a strange hallway of eldritch nature that Vicendak determined was some kind of ancient teleport mechanism, formerly known only in the empire of Bael Turath. Adjacent to this hallway was a room sealed by a transparent force, in which a githzerai monk, held prisoner by the thugs, sat and meditated, unperturbed. Vicendak determined this cell to be some sort of magical crematory. The adventurers made themselves known and engaged in a standoff with the frightened thugs. Valis Frost rolled the head of Remus Pop into the teleporting hallway while Vicendak worked the machinery’s levers, and the head was instantly teleported into the strange monk’s lap. Thus having divined the machine’s nature, and in what could potentially have been a very heroic gesture, Frost leapt into the teleporter and commanded Vicendak teleport him into the crematory with the monk. Frost handed Vyrellis (a teleporting artifact) to the monk and bid him teleport out of the cell, which the monk did – under his own power. As it turns out he could have left at any time, he was just enjoying the quiet. Valis Frost was now himself trapped in the crematory.

After a tense standoff, a hostage exchange was negotiated, with the adventurers giving up Beaufort in return the liberation of Valis from the crematory and what potentially could have been a very fiery death. The adventurers went on their way, with their new companion, the githzerai monk Kane Karrath, back through the watery domain of the marsh mystic Grarash, down the myriad tunnels of the Pyramid of Shadows, where the party discovered what appeared to be some sort of storage chamber, which smelled overpoweringly of rat shit. The party nevertheless voyaged inward to sift through the heaping mounds of animal waste – and were surprised by a host of charnel rats, their eyes glowing with a furious supernatural rot. These were dispatched handily enough by Grarash. Our adventurers then spent a good deal of time combing through the piled feces, to no avail. There was no treasure to be had.

One thing they did discover in one overflowing room was a small crack in the ceiling that led to a chamber above. The psion monk Kane summoned a small splinter of his intellect, a prism, that he guided up through the hole to find yet another pit full of waste and animal sludge and an enormous Otyugh Charnel Lord. Grateful that they had not in fact shoved Lady Ming up the poop chute into such peril, even though she had loudly volunteered for the task, the party retreated up the hallway where they discovered a peaceful library at the center of which was a statue of a female eladrin. Vyrellis confirmed that this was in fact a statue of her (though not why or how this should be), but was slightly unhinged by the fact that her final soul shard was not present on the statue. She revealed that her essence had been split into three parts and without all three soul shards, she would never be able to leave the pyramid, and also that her body was somewhere in the pyramid as well, and she would also like to leave with that if at all possible.

In the midst of this conversation, the party was attacked by a trio of long-limbed mouthless humanoids they’d caught sucking the information right out of the library’s books. With the valiant assistance of Grarash, they triumphed once more, and looked up onto the library catwalk where a small ornate door stood shut. An apparition of the tiefling wizard Karavakios appeared to the party, apparently gleeful with the prospect that they might kill him, implying that he dwelt beyond the library door, and enjoined them to kill him three times to escape the pyramid.

Is he mad? Suicidal? Overconfident? Or might he have some ulterior motive … ?



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