The Troll Hall Chronicles

Season 2, episode 2-02: The Chapel of Celestia

In which our adventurers bungle a magical ward, make a new enemy, and are nearly overwhelmed by sheer numbers

We open on our characters taking a quick breather. Inspecting each other for signs of infection after contact with the slavering werebear. They determined themselves to be free of sickness. Most of them, at any rate.

Not wanting to retrace their steps, our adventurers proceeded forward through the undulating, reality-shifting hallways of the Pyramid of Shadows, into the Chapel of Celestia. In the vestibule of the chapel, there were statues of two legendary heroes of the gods of Celestia (Moradin, Bahamut and Kord): one was Goguae, the other was not closely investigated. The statues appeared to be mumbling and muttering to themselves. The black orb Vyrellis urged Vakil Raesarus into the chamber, telling him that the second of her three shards was near. On closer investigation the statues in the vestibule spoke to the adventures to tell them, “My mistress is held captive by demons in the chapel!” Cautiously, the party moved to assist.

Within the chapel itself was a human woman named Danneh who implored the adventurers for help. She had, she said, been imprisoned within the pyramid for centuries – although free to roam within its walls – but recently had been captured by the dragonborn brigand chieftain Remus Pop and somehow bound to the chapel so that she could not leave, and demons were called forth to harry her every time she tried. The party attempted to deactivate the arcane wards binding her to that place, but their ham-fistedness only summoned more and more devil legionnaires until they were almost crowded out of the room. And while a single legion devil is no great threat, wall-to-wall legion devil carpeting can be quite dangerous indeed.

During this task, a brigand from the next chamber, Beaufort, seemingly unaware of the death of Remus Pop, wandered into the chapel area and became petrified with wide-eyed terror at seeing the chapel thick with devils while the party hacked and slashed through them. Vakil Raesarus discovered a secret room adjacent to the chapel, containing a locked chest. Kevin opened the chest (eventually) and removed from therein a set of religious cloth vestments, Vyrellis’s shard, and some sort of ritual wafer that was part of the warding ritual keeping Danneh imprisoned.

Ultimately, and unfortunately, the party’s deactivation of the wards was entirely flummoxed at a critical moment by Grognan, allowing Danneh to finally leave the chapel, but binding her soul to the pyramid for all eternity. She would never be able to leave it so long as it existed; and if it were ever to be destroyed, she would cease to be. The pyramid’s fate and her own were now one. With the party’s failure, Danneh saw no point in maintaining her ruse any longer, and revealed her true form as a black-winged succubus, and fled the room ahead of the party, spitting curses and hate and death upon them, and vowing her revenge.

With this failure, our band evacuated the chapel which was quickly filling to capacity with devils (although they seemed to stop accumulating after Danneh fled). Kevin took custody of Beaufort. Spent and bloodied, our adventurers settled in for a much-needed rest. Meanwhile, Kevin continues to have that irritating rash on his neck, and a wild, almost animalistic look in his eyes.



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